Eden BioCreations
Saving Lives, One ​​​Shed at a Time
Snakes save our lives, we save theirs.
Sadly, over a MILLION reptiles are killed every year for the demand of the EXOTIC SKIN industry. These animals are important to the health of their ecosystems, and many produce life saving pharmaceuticals through the study of their venom. Medical research provides the means to save and improve millions of human lives every year.

Our patented process, transforms fragile shed into a beautiful Exotic Skin alternative. The shed actually retains much of the pigment which is emphasized through a special method we use to make the patterns more pronounced. This creates a product that is indistinguishable from a hide of a dead snake. 

The living animals used for our products come with stories. They fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lupus, Mental Illness, MS, Lyme Disease, and much more. They also bring awareness to the great ecological value of our reptiles and the growing threat of deforestation.