Eden BioCreations
Bio Leathers & Textiles
Millions of Reptiles are killed every year for fashion. Eco-Systems can be  placed at risk from the over collection of apex predators. We provide the alternative.
Bio Based Polymers
We help conserve threatened wildlife.  EBC has pioneered a Rhino horn alternative made of the same organic compounds, but from the keratin of shed.
Exotic Skin
The first and only name in genuine, cruelty free reptile skin
We bring compassion to the Exotic Skin Industry.
Our mission is to transform how the fashion industry views the skin of snakes and lizards. Our ability to create bio leathers, textiles, and polymers from the natural shed of living reptiles allows us to provide a product superior in beauty, while preserving our commitment to the environment and a more sustainable world.
  1. 4
    Living Reptile
    The cycle begins again, and reptiles can now provide exotic skin their entire lives instead of one time through death
  2. 2
    Through a natural process called Ecdysis, healthy reptiles shed their skin. In the past these sheds were discarded as trash.
  3. 3
    BioMeld Process
    Through a patented polymerization process, we transform reptile shed into beautiful fashion items that also educate
  4. 1
    Living Reptile
    Our process begins with a healthy living reptile. We partner with Zoos & Venom Labs, where reptiles educate the public & provide life saving drugs
  1. SKIN
    Unmatched diversity in patterns and colors
  2. NOT
    Endangered species have a new voice
  3. SHED
    Venom saves more lives than it takes
Conservation through Fashion
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